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WOW! Fotograf koji na briljantan način rekreira scene iz slavnih filmova postao je hit na Instagramu

  • Mladi britanski fotograf Thomas Duke stoji iza zanimljivog projekta u kojem spaja svoje dvije velike ljubavi - film i fotografiju
  • Na Instagramu vodi profil "Stepping through film" u kojem objavljuje fotografije na kojima rekreira scene iz poznatih filmova na izvornim lokacijama snimanja
  • Sve je započelo zbog Sherlocka Holmesa, a koji se to još naslova i likova prisjetio otkrivamo ti u nastavku. Možda se i tvoj omiljeni film našao među njima!

Thomas Duke je fotograf koji trenutačno studira film na sveučilištu Brunel u Londonu. Kao veliki obožavate filma šetajući londonskim lokacija primijetio je kako mu neke lokacije izgledaju poznato upravo iz toga razloga što ih je vidio na velikim ekranima. Stoga je odlučio rekreirati poznate filmske scene na točnim lokacijama na kojima su snimljene. Tako su nastale serije zanimljivih fotografija koje redoviti objavljuje na Instagram profilu pod nazivom "Stepping trought film", a ondje njegovo fotografsko spajanje stvarnog i filmskog svijeta prati nešto više od 150.000 ljudi.

Možda vas zanima... Pogledaj trailer za nastavak filma 'Top Gun' - čini se da će i u novoj verziji biti zgodnih pilota, akcije, ali i romantike Rubrika Life&style Life&style



“The truth is, I’m in love.” ♥️ • Swipe left to see them all grown up! Love Actually (2003) vs the Love Actually Red Nose Day reunion (2017). Continuing with the festive season, here’s another scene from the beloved rom-com where Liam Neeson and Thomas Brodie-Sangster are looking over the Thames talking about love. They’re seen sitting on a bench, which is no longer there, on the London Southbank – look at how young Thomas looks! Fast forward 14 years and here they are again – this time a few minutes away next to the Tate Modern – catching up on the good old days. Did you know? Sangster was only 5 years younger than Keira Knightley in the film… but she was getting married and he still looked about 10… let that sink in. • I love exploring this film! It’s such a pleasure being able to do so and with less than 2 weeks until Christmas it’s just too perfect 😊 it’s quite emotional seeing the difference 14 years does! • • #loveactually #london #christmas #festive #holidays #love #family #time #reunion #winter #classic #film #photography #explore #thomasbrodiesangster #liamneeson

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“It is not a choice. It is a duty.” • ad | I teamed-up with @netflixuk to explore the royal elegance & beauty of @thecrownnetflix 👑 Following in the footsteps of such golden splendour was quite an extravagant feeling – standing where Olivia Colman, Her Majesty, spoke her speeches as she firmly commanded a country. This series is woven through the history of Britain, filmed all over the authentic landscape and architecture of the United Kingdom, and done so with the utmost respect, honour, and justice to the crown. Every member of the cast embodies their true-to-life persona with talent and suave, it’s truly a delight to watch this series grow into the arms of the nation. Season 4 is already gearing up to be an intense insight into the next chapter of the Royal family. • London. Reading. Buckingham. Windsor. Wales - just some of the stunning locations used from around the UK for filming. This production is primarily set in London with the first two shots seen here taking place at the Royal Naval College in Greenwich (also home to many Hollywood blockbusters) with the others being shot all around the lush countryside of stately homes and glorious estates. I feel extra British while writing all of this, proud to be! It was a real joy to explore all of these locations and to step through this royally stunning historical slice of television. • • #thecrown #netflix #oliviacolman #clairefoy #charlesdance #mattsmith #helenabonhamcarter #queen #monarchy #royalfamily #uk #british #england #london #buckingham #locations #tv #photography #art

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This opening scene to Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011) intrigued me from the second I first watched it. The creativity and precision from the original is carried over to this perfectly with the style of @guyritchie weaving throughout. I simply adore this film, its style & wit is contagious! What a location too, underneath The Queen’s House in Greenwich, absolutely stunning. Not only are the natural surroundings lush with greenery, which is rare to find around London, but this specific undergrowth of craftsmanship is layered with crystal white brick - a fantastical cocoon of architecture! • • #sherlockholmesagameofshadows #sherlockholmes #sherlock #johnwatson #robertdowneyjr #rdj #judelaw #guyritchie #choreography #precision #elegance #art #london #passion #film #photography

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Nostalgija za djetinjstvom

"Kao mali najviše sam vremena proveo gledajući filmove te sam obožavao odlaziti u kino. Za mene je to uvijek bio dio nostalgičnog prisjećanja na djetinjstvo." - otkrio je svoj interes za ovu temu, te dodao: "Onda sam jednog dana jednostavno odlučio spojiti film, fotografiju i kreativnost te istražiti neka vrlo zanimljiva mjesta."


Hello everyone! A place for all things film related and creative 📸 • • #filmphotography #nature #vintage #explore

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“Wish I could be part of that woooorld!” 🌍 🐠 • 30 years ago, on the 17 November 1989, The Little Mermaid became part of our world. Its oceanic essence of Disney magic has stayed with many of us over these past decades as Ariel continues to spread the musical anthems from under the sea. I wanted to try something a little different for this film. I ventured to the coastal regions of Cornwall (Looe to be exact) to find the perfect rock to encapsulate this iconic moment in reality. A wetsuit and more patience than usual was certainly needed but even then, I knew the result would be a little uncertain. Waves crashed and the irrational fear of sharks in Cornwall kept me busy. I tried to hold it together, stretching my arms to the sky, in an attempt to keep the card away from salty splashes while also preventing my equipment from being lost in the depths. It ended up being a really fun shot to capture! With some Google Maps, internet searching, and talking with tourist groups such as Visit Cornwall - I narrowed the perfect beach down to Hannafore in Looe. It was a little uncertain but it ended up being a good choice! • Regarded as the animated classic that bought in the Disney Renaissance, this film changed the landscape of Disney Animation with it becoming a much needed box-office hit and then by being followed by a slew of other fantastic fare; Beauty and the Best, Aladdin, The Lion King, Tarzan etc. It remains relevant today and I’m sure Disney will ensure the power and importance of this film are true to the present when the remake is released in the near future. • • #thelittlemermaid #30thanniversary #disney #ariel #ocean #musical #jodibenson #animation #art #film #photography #composition #water #nature #mymicrogap #visitengland

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Možda vas zanima... Predobro! Umjetnik je 'oživio' Disneyjeve junake - pogledajte kako izgledaju kao stvarni ljudi! Rubrika Life&style Life&style

Sve je započelo omiljenim likom

Prvi lik kojeg je fotografirao bio jer Sherlock Holmes jer je Robert Downey Jr. jedan od njegovih idola. "Biram filmove koji me inspiriraju, a uglavnom koristim YouTube ili DVD kako bih pronašao scene koje želim fotografirati." - otkrio je za Insider svoju metodu rada.



Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (2015) is a love letter to London. It’s a truly classical look at the spy genre and it’s vintage flare shines through every crack and crevice. These films are so much more than a few action set pieces and stunning stunts; they have a heart and Rogue Nation really felt like a re-birth for the entire family of IMF agents. • The Tower of London! They built a whole little café on the cobbled street so the actual scene isn’t too recognisable. The scene was shot at night, as was basically EVERY London scene in this film. However I didn’t want a pitch black background, I wanted to capture the sunset behind Tower Bridge and the glow behind the clouds. It was a little experiment as the colours of course don’t really work amazingly due to the contrasts but I wanted to give it a go! • • #missionimpossible #tomcruise #simonpegg #jeremyrenner #christophermcquarrie #director #london #film #photography

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“There’s a storm coming, Mr Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches because when it hits, you’re all going to wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.” • A sequence of seduction and nerve expertly executed by Christopher Nolan in The Dark Knight Rises (2012). Selina Kyle manoeuvres her wit against Bruce Wayne in a power game of words and political judgement; she’s the one in charge here. Anne Hathaway = girl power 💪🏽🦇 • This room is the Crush Hall in Senate House, part of the University of London. The architecture was beautiful but the bright lights were a pain! • • #batman #brucewayne #dc #thedarkknight #superhero #london #justice #hope #annehathaway #christianbale #tomhardy #christophernolan #art #film #movie #photography

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Obilazak svijeta u potrazi za savršenim kadrom

U realizaciji svojih ideja ne koristi photoshop i druge aplikacije za uređivanje, već stvarno posjećuje lokacija na kojima je snimljen film te scene dočarava držeći u ruci fotografije koje prikazuju poznate prizore nastale upravo na navedenim lokacijama. Također, nerijetko putuje van granica Ujedinjenog Kraljevstva te na svojim putovanjima također rekreira slavne filmske scene. Tako je primjerice u New Yorku posjetio ulicu u kojoj je snimljen božićni klasik "Elf", a u Parizu je ispred Eiffelovog tornja podsjetio obožavatelje na scenu iz posljednjeg nastavka kino hita Nemoguća misija - Razilaženje.


“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!” • It’s December 1st which means it’s officially Christmas in my books and that means magic, movies, lights, and most importantly… elves! What’s your favourite Christmas film? I jingled away in the footsteps of Buddy the Elf and followed his travels through the 7 levels of the candy-cane forest, past the sea of twirly-swirly gumdrops, and then made my way through the Lincoln tunnel 🍭 I ended up in New York City where Santa came to visit and we all spread Christmas cheer by SINGING LOUD FOR ALL TO HEAR 🤗 A film with an incredible amount of hilarity and iconic moments – one for the ages and now it’s the time of year to watch it again and again 🍿 • Visiting New York City through the eyes of Buddy the Elf was so magical! I had so much fun exploring where Buddy stepped with this being just one little area where this wonderful film was shot. This scene is where Buddy runs around in the revolving door without any other care in the world. Being right next to the Empire State Building, 10 W 33rd Street, this was quite easy to find. • • #elf #buddytheelf #christmas #newyork #newyorkcity #cheer #happiness #thanksgiving #joy #santa #willfarrell #iconic #snow #december #magic #film #photography #jonfavreau

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“Put on a happy face.” 🤡 • My first visit to the Bronx lured me towards this steeping staircase of menacing delight. Glistening grey steps towered in front of me and a faint image of a dancing clown, thrashing his limbs elegantly with a smile spread widely, came racing towards where I stood. The Joker. Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker. My eyes re-created his enigmatic moves… one step at a time. My heart shuddered at this location - being where this controversial and captivating film was partially born. ‘Joker’ is releasing in most places this week and despite a lot of headlines being filled with negative takes on this project, it’s simply too hard to ignore the artistic, Scorsese, vintage vibes that this film exudes. Unnerving is a good way to describe the movie. Visceral, haunting and thought-inducing are other ways for sure… it’s easier said than done to ‘put on a happy face’. • The first trailer for ‘Joker’ was released in April this year. I really wanted to visit a scene from it while I was in New York and so I managed to find this (already seemingly iconic) location during my time exploring in July… 3 months ago now! The closest metro station was 167th St. It was a short walk to the steps (167th street between Jerome and Anderson Avenues) and a slightly longer walk to a ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ location which also shot some scenes around here. I’ve waited for the anticipation to simmer up to a boil to share this film and now we’re finally at its release… I’m excited to see where this film goes in the future of this ever-changing industry… • • #joker #jokermovie #jokerart #joaquinphoenix #toddphillips #robertdeniro #comedy #tragedy #dccomics #batman #heathledger #markhamill #iconic #newyork #visitnyc #cinematography #film #photography #art

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The fallout to end all falls. Mission: Impossible is a franchise that keeps giving and only ever improving with each entry. Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018) is no exception as it truly defies the movie genre of today. It offers some spectacular looks at Paris and so here we are! I couldn’t resist making the most of the Eiffel Tower with the shot that Henry Cavill signed for me last month! This location was simply beautiful. Give the film a watch, you won’t be disappointed. A spectacle like no other, and yes, the stunts are REAL. That aspect really needs more recognition. Au Revoir! • • #missionimpossible #missionimpossiblefallout #fallout #tomcruise #simonpegg #henrycavill #christophermcquarrie #paris #photography #explore #art

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Možda vas zanima... Otkrivamo ti koji je bio najpopularniji film na svijetu kad si se ti rodila Rubrika Life&style Life&style

Trud koji se isplati

Thomas ističe kako je u nastanak ovih fotografije potrebno uložiti puno truda, a pošto je perfekcionist uvijek nastoji što bolje rekreirati željeni prizor. "Većinu vremena je vrlo jednostavno postići ono što želim. Treba samo uložiti dosta strpljenja i truda." - otkrio je. Njegova želja je da nastavi putovati svijetom i istraživati lokacije snimanja nekih od najvećih filmskih hitova. "Vjerujem kako se ljudima sviđa ovo što radim jer svatko voli film te se može povezati s Harry Potterom, James Bondom ili Spider-Manom. Film je posvuda oko nas te je samim time savršena tema za sve." - otkrio je ovaj dvadesetogodišnjak.


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